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Kumali Thin Bracelet

Kumali Thin Bracelet

Kumali is crafted in Thailand, a process that embraces the artistry of talented hands. Gold leaves fill each jewel, blessed and sealed ever so delicately. These jewels are lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and resistant to sun, rain, and even time itself. Wearing these gems in odd numbers (which is said to bring luck, as the power of odd numbers is undivided) will adorn you with original bracelets unique to shades of natural gold: gold, rose gold, rhodium. Refined gold foils swathe the precious bangles! 

COMPOSITION Material PVC with Gold Leaves Color Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or White Gold

SIZE Internal diameter S: 5.5 centimeters, M: 6.5 centimeters, L: 7.5 centimeters 

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