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Kumali Braided Bracelet

Kumali Braided Bracelet

Kumali is lovingly crafted in Thailand, with each piece of jewelry filled with gold leaves and sealed with a blessing and oils. Its brass clasp is inscribed with a special mantra of luck and love - a sacred formula said to initiate and complete a spiritual ritual. These light and flexible pieces of adornment are waterproof, timeless, and comfortable for everyday wear. As a symbol of good luck, they come in the three natural gold hues: gold, rose gold, and rhodium. Let the precious bangles upholstered in gold foils be a part of your unique story!

COMPOSITION Material PVC with Gold Leaves Color Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or White Gold

SIZE  Internal diameter - S: 5.5 centimeters,  M: 6.5 centimeters, L: 7.5 centimeters 

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