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Aroma Ornie

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Scent Descriptions:

LEATHER - Smells like the inside of a saddle shop!

LOVE SPELL (formerly COWGIRL CRUSH) - A blend of cherry blossom, muguet, red apple and Georgia peach, with hints of tamarind and blondwood - this is a dupe of Love Spell.

BIRD OF PARADISE - A smooth blend of strawberries & cream, with a powerful pomegranate punch!

BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA - Yum - two scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with delicious black raspberry syrup.

BUTT NAKED - A very fun and fruity blend of bananas and berries.

COWGIRL KISSES (formerly COWGIRL KISSES) - A very soft and sweet fragrance.

CITRUS SPLASH (formerly COWBOY CRUSH) - Luscious fruit concoction of grapefruit, tangerine, kumquat and strawberry surrounded by sweet apple blossoms.

COWBOY - A truly amazing men's fine fragrance with notes of citrus, bergamot, sea salt and amber wood.

VANILLA LEATHER (formerly COWGIRL LEATHER) - Leather softened with a hint of vanilla.